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Landlord Services in Grand Rapids

As a proprietor, you know how important it is to keep your units full of friendly, reliable tenants. The right tenant can make your day-to-day routine as a landlord much easier, as well as increase your overall income. However, the wrong tenant can cost you a good deal of time and money by raising your maintenance costs and paying rent late. If these issues are a concern, it's time to opt for reliable landlord services from our dependable company. We are your experienced initiators of the tenant background check.

Real Property Management Investment Solutions can help you secure trustworthy tenants and improve your stream of income with professional landlord services. We look at each component of your everyday management routine and take the burden of rent collection, tenant screening, and other necessities off your shoulders.

The Necessity for Tenant Screening Services
Tenant screening services are your way of gauging the reliability of potential renters of your property. After all, you are committing a wealth of resources to making your rental home, multiplex, condominium, or apartment a presentable and respectable enterprise. Unscrupulous individuals can easily turn your revenue stream into a burdensome dam, robbing you of profits.

Worse, unruly tenants are likely to miss rent payments and might even damage your property. Such individuals may require legal intervention to evict, which can adversely affect how others view your branding and ability to manage. Don’t let the untrustworthy dismantle what you have worked so hard to build up. The tenant background check is your first defense in protecting the viability of your investment.

Landlord Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Why You Need Professional Landlord Service

Keeping an income property clean, safe, and appealing to potential tenants is often the first step for many property owners. However, there's more to property management than simply managing the property itself. Our landlord service emphasizes the importance of screening for the right tenants and placement for every client we work with, no matter the kind of residential property they're hoping to rent out.

Consider this: Someone has applied for tenancy in your income property. You've been hoping to fill this unit for a long time, and you're eager to start earning income again. But did you screen this applicant for potential red flags? Our thorough tenant screening services sort out the healthy clients from the troublesome ones. Our agents know that not all applicants are good fits for your properties. That's why we evaluate each potential tenant in terms of his or her:

• Credit 
• Criminal Background
• Sex Offender Status
• Residential / Rental History
• Past Employment Records

Property Management Made Simpler
Of course, there is more to managing a property than comparing than issuing a renter credit check. Landlord services are also useful for proprietors who do not have the time or energy to collect rent, perform regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections, or evict unruly tenants. It helps to have our agents on your side when paperwork and other routine chores start to impact your personal life. Discover how our friendly professionals can reduce your workload by reaching out for a free consultation.

In addition to thorough tenant background checks, our property management company also assumes all the other responsibilities associated with running a real estate enterprise. Our agents are well-trained and experienced in customer service, accounting and bookkeeping, and tenant-landlord relations. Other aspects of our services include:

  • Marketing and Listing
  • Maintenance and Grounds Keeping Contracts
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Renting and Leasing
  • Budgeting
  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Retention and Appreciation
  • Emergency Services

Talk to Our Leasing Agents Today

Many local entities rely on our landlord services to free up their schedules and ensure the condition of their properties. However, if you're unsure which services you need to start living a stress-free life, we recommend you schedule a consultation with our property management company. A consultation can help you pinpoint areas with which you need professional assistance, as well as provide more insight into your expenses and savings.

Work with a versatile team. Whether you own a single-family rental home or a collection of property holdings, our company has the resources to cover every aspect of your management needs. Our comprehensive approach to landlord services encourages a steady revenue flow, which also stimulates greater profitability. Request a consultation today and coordinate your business efforts with us. We do all the hard work so you can focus on your sustainable success.

Contact our company to receive more information about our convenient landlord services. We partner with proprietors that own rental homes and units in Grand Rapids, Grandville, Wyoming, Rockford, and Walker, MI.

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